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If anyone is having things today, please call us. KT, ill prolly call you in a bit. Its about 10:30am right now. I only woke up because Smudge was bangin on the door.

I had a weird dream that people were chasing me and I ran into some hotel drag queen make up session. I looked pretty good. ;)
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I saw a thing on Dateline but then a friend in Houston sent me this article. When I was in Junior High in the 80s, one of these crews sent a guy to our SCHOOL to do a very enticing presentation to sell magazines. If you sold different amounts, you got certain prizes. Of course, the point system was so inflated, you could never get enough for that bike or trip to Disneyland. It sickens me even now that the school had anything to do with this scam.


dont reply that it doesnt work. copy the whole link.
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Have any of you tried these places:
Salvador Calvano Hair
Hair Salon
2505 N 7th St

Avant Garde Thee Hair Salon
7319 E Stetson Dr
Scottsdale, AZ 85251-3428

Tantrum Hair Salon
1229 N. Gilbert Road, Mesa, AZ

Gilbert, Higley Road

Di-Zin Salon
1420 E Southern Avenue, Tempe, AZ 85282
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seriously, I gotta make an appointment for August 5th. As you (and KT and certain others know), I have the worst luck with salons. They either do a messy job on color that fades within the week or style my hair so that it gets broken (no brushess when drying my hair please, hands only). All this, and prices keep going up. And when I find someone I like, they lose their mind and leave the place.

At this point, Im willing to pay a lot ($200?=final + tip) though I dont know why I should have to. Ive got short hair and half of it is shaved off. Its ridiculous that I can color my hair much neater than a pro and dont get crap all over my neck and ears. My hair is in good condition (until someone rips it with a bad brush) so its not over processed. I do have about 25% gray. I know that is hard to color over and have it stay until it grows out. But it has been done. Really. Red. For about a year and a half til I had to change colorists/stylists. Wella kolestron perfect (not sure of developer line or strength used) does all I need it to do but if you have something better (not just sorta better, actually better), Im open.

Hair gods, please help me. Im even willing to buy fake falls if my own hair can be colored in a professional way. I just dont know how to put them in.

SOME IDEAS: any one have good luck with this place: Hair Pollution (16ish and McDowellish); Mood Swings on Mill; Salon Ami Scottsdale; Ide Mania, North Central Phoenix
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I just found this channel on digital cable and corresponding web site:
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Im pretty sure this is a sign of the apocalypse. Gods forbid she try to buy some mouthwash or NyQuil


Club night

Jun. 10th, 2008 06:37 pm
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I do not apologize for cross posting. I do hope the Ruby Room isnt a sucky place with too small a dance floor. Has anyone been there?

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Trim cimarrons and green clouds once a month.
Buy compost for pomegranates.
Keep up with the weeds.
Water hybiscus.
Clean cocktail sauce stain.
Grocery shoppin.
Read my comics.

Kung Fu Panda.
Speed Racer in IMAX
Baby Mama
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
New Hulk
The Happening
Get Smart
Hellboy II
Journey to the Center of the Earth
The Dark Knight
Step Brothers
Xfiles II
Mummy IV
Tropic Thunder

The Fall

Jun. 6th, 2008 02:54 pm
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OK, Lee Pace always reminds me of Tommy, just darker colors. He looks beautiful in this movie. We gotta get up to Shea movie theater to see it. Not sure if its still there. Saw an ad in NewTimes LAST week.

UPDATE: Im going to either the 1:10 or 3:40 showing on Sunday with my mom and Tommy. If you wanna come, give me a call.
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I was walking past the mental hospital this afternoon, and all the
patients were shouting "13....13....13"!!!
The fence was too high to see over, but I saw a little gap between the
fence planks, so I decided to look through to see what was going on in
the land of fruits and nuts...

Somebody poked me in the eye with a stick.

Then they all started shouting "14....14.....14"...!!!
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I left my phone at work. Call the house or Tom
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I have a seminar at ASU next Friday at 9am and want to know the best place to park that I dont have to pay. I will be there for three hours so parking meters are out of the question.

Its at the College of Design on Forest and University if that helps.

Please respond soon.
EDIT: You people dont listen and are no help. Its a one day professional seminar and I would like to not look like a sauteed mushroom before I get there. Nevermind. Ill just park at the garage and pay whatever they charge.
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I wish I could see you more. hugs
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