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Birthdate:May 29
Location:Arizona, United States of America
Im here so I can look at my friends journals. I dont really believe in journals (or typing apostrophes) for myself. I guess they help people rant. I use my friends and family for that. But other peoples are funny sometimes.
Im a graphic designer but that does not mean Im not an artist. I didnt fall into this business by accident. It was a plan since 9th grade. Ive done every kind of art except glass but not for a while.

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abney park, abyssinians, action figures, adobe, akitas, angel, animals, anime, ann rice, baroque, batman, bats, bats day, bauhaus, big band, billy connolly, black adder, black sabbath, bread, british ska, buffy, bunnies, cats, cavalier king charles spaniels, cgi, cheese, chow chows, cillian murphy, classic rock, classical, claymation, clutch, comedy, comic con, comics, cute character dolls, daily show, dancing, dark chocolate, deine lakaien, discworld, disney villains, ditty bops, drizzt, eddie izzard, edward gorey, elric, english tv shows, fantasy, fantasy books, farscape, firefly, food, forgotten realms, future bible heroes, gary dourdan, giraffes, good hygiene, goth, harry potter, hate alcohol, hate drugs, hate inconsiderate people, hate irresponsible parents, hate teenagers, hate victims, helium vola, indesign, invader zim, iron chef, james marsters, julian sands, kai, law and order, leonard nimoy, lestat, lexx, lime green, lord of the rings, macs, madness, martha grimes, monty python, moorcock, movies, mystery books, mythology, neil gaiman, new romantic, new wave, nightmare before christmas, pandas, pet psychic, peter murphy, photoshop, pop-up books, primus, probably not your music, punk, puppets, purple, pushing daisies, rankin and bass, rockabilly, roller blading, russian blues, sandman, scifi books, scifi tv, serenity, simpsons, siouxsie, sisters of mercy, ska, snowglobes, south park, spike, spooky movies, stuffies, superman, swing, tall skinny goth boys, terry pratchett, the cure, the damned, the killers, the smiths, the specials, tim burton, tivo, tolkien, tom welling, tribal belly dancing, twilight, venture brothers, warner brothers cartoons, wonderfalls, wonderwoman, x files
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