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December 24 - Christmas Eve dinner at my Moms. Toms Aunt is doing one at the exact same time so Im not sure how this will work.

For the week I am off:
Christmas - We havent asked her yet but I would like to have Toms Mom come over in the morning, then to my Moms with Neenie at noon then to my Aunts at 3pm til maybe about 8.

December 26 - a day off with Tom and his Mom, I think.
I would like to go to whatever club is Tuesday. Call me.

December 27 - Zelda goes for a physical at the new vet. Thats just the morning though.
I would like to go to whatever club is Wednesday. Call me.

December 28 - Zelda gets her teeth cleaned though Im worried that two of them will have to come out.
Around 7, I am meeting Pratchett fans for coffee/Italian sodas somewhere in between Glendale and Higley. Im thinking downtown.

I am going to try to clean more this week but there will be much layin around. Call me and maybe we can go to the bunny park.

January 6 - Suriels birthday
January 14 - family dinner Uncle hasnt specified a restaurant yet (not sure about this. specially if dad goes)
February 18 - Chinese New Year. Not sure how this will go since people are having to move or do other more important things but I would still like to do Secret Panda.

I think thats it for a while


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